Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2017 / 2018


Heavy Metal




Ready for a few rounds of death ‘n’ roll? Avatar formed in 2001 as a death metal quintet. Early on they released several singles but their full-length debut didn’t drop until 2006. Avatar really hit their stride once they abandoned their melodic death metal approach in favour of a more industrial sound and a visual theatricality reminiscent of Alice Cooper. Unsurprisingly, their style is often described as a mix of Rammstein, Alice Cooper and System of a Down; ‘Black Waltz’ (2012) and ‘Hail the Apocalypse’ (2014) are prime examples in this regard. On ‘Feathers & Flesh’ (2016) Avatar explored new horizons again with mostly clean vocals and more melodic tracks aimed specifically at a live environment. Early this year ‘Avatar Country’ hit the shelves, an album that sees Avatar continuing their musical experimentations. Avatar is not about technical intricacies and musicianship as such but about melody, atmosphere and the power to draw the listener into their universe. (#GMM18)