22:05 - 23:05 Metal Dome
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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2017 / 2018 / 2022






Hailing from Savannah, the sludge capital of the world, these Lexington, Virginia natives released their full-length debut ‘Red’ in 2007. Produced by Kylesa’s Philip Cope, ‘Red’ welds heavy riffs, abstract arrangements, ambient melodies and memorable solos into an atmospheric whole. Sometimes likened to label mates Mastodon, Baroness nonetheless evolved in a different direction on ‘Yellow & Green’ (2012). Changing course in a way that some fans of their doom/sludge core beginnings found less than thrilling, ‘Yellow & Green’ offers balls-to-the-wall hard rock, melodic and tight as a tourniquet and counterbalanced by the more psychedelic, Queens of the Stone Age and Pink Floyd-esque tracks on ‘Green’. In 2012 their tour bus took a 9m dive from a viaduct while on tour in England, leaving their drummer and bassist seriously injured. Both left the band after making a full recovery. Like frontman John Dyer Baizley’s paintings, Baroness’ music walks the line between the delicate and the brutal: sledgehammer-driven tunes alternate with more intimate and atmospheric moments. This is their third appearance in Dessel and you know what they say: the third time’s the charm. (#GMM22)