Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




Battalion is pure and honest death metal from Belgium. We play gutwrenching songs from beyond the grave, not merely focusing on blastbeat speed but also on the feeling and rhythmic drive of late '80s, early 90's death metal. A typical style which we love, but at the same time approach with fresh modern variety. We combine obvious influences such as Bolt Thrower, Autopsy, Grave,... with the swift-strike style of Terrorizer, the more complex songwriting of Carcass and the modern sound of death/grind acts such as Misery Index.

After some years gaining experience in the underground our strongest material to date is to be found on our first full-length entitled "Winter Campaign", a disc full of war, hatred and power! These recordings have been done in the well-known CCR studios (Aborted, In-Quest, Leng-Tche a.o.). 44 minutes of blooddrenched death metal to relive the horrors of World War II or imagine the terror of post-apocalyptic and alien warfare... this is your worst nightmare!

Battalion already played several successful shows with lots of well-known bands, and our live performance is heralded as one of the strongest aspects of the band. Together with the release of "Winter Campaign" by Shiver Records we are ready to take the band to the next level. Our death machine is still growing, building it's armour and sharpening it's weapons... it'd be wise not to stand on the other side, because retaliation is coming!