Bleed From Within

Bleed From Within
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2011 / 2019






Bleed from Within will remember 2018-2019 as their breakthrough years. Eight years ago they stepped in for All Shall Perish, coming in off the back of their second album ‘Empire’. Their maiden release ‘Humanity’ showed great potential but did little to set them apart from the hordes of new deathcore bands; their sophomore effort certainly delivered on that promise. Their first GMM show in 2011 was also a bit of a landmark performance since it contributed to BFW securing a record deal with a major label. Following the departure of Martyn Evans they initially tried to continue as a four-piece until they stumbled upon Steven Jones, who made his official recording debut on ‘Era’ (2018), a pivotal album for BFW. In the five years that separate ‘Era’ from its predecessor, the deathcore scene has undergone sweeping changes, compelling the Glaswegian fivesome to evolve with the times. They’ve managed to do just that with modern deathcore/melodic death metal with a groovy feel while vocalist Scott Kennedy’s use of high-pitched screams and guttural growls fits the new approach like a glove. (#GMM19)