Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Black Metal




Originally scheduled to perform at GMM2016 Borknagar were ultimately forced to cancel so this summer will mark the Norwegian black metallers’ GMM debut. Borknagar has evolved musically since the band’s beginnings nearly twenty years ago. Thanks to the addition of genre hero ICS Vortex (Arcturus, ex-Dimmu Borgir), Borknagar’s penultimate album ‘Urd’ (2012) was a step up from its predecessor ‘Universal’ and the Vintersorg/ICS Vortex tandem has worked wonders for the band’s overall sound. Never afraid to incorporate rock, doom and even operatic influences into their music, Borknagar are a genuinely progressive folk/black metal outfit. Their latest album ‘Winther Thrice’ (2016) is a true gem. The preponderance of clean singing is striking for a black metal album but the overall impression is of a well-balanced masterpiece that walks the line between traditional black metal mayhem and the band’s progressive influences. They don’t go out on tour all that often so this is a very special treat indeed! (#GMM19)