Dead Cross

Dead Cross
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




Drum legend Dave Lombardo, guitarist Michael Crain and bassist Justin Pearson (both Retox) had all worked with producer Ross Robinson in the past and found each other in Dead Cross. Formed in late November 2015, the band hit the stage the very next month. When the original singer didn’t work out, Faith No More’s Mike Patton, who had previously worked with Lombardo in Fantômas, was brought in as a replacement. Their 2017 self-titled debut offers a frantic-paced mix of hardcore and punk, punctuated with Patton’s off-kilter contributions that run the gamut from ambient sounds to high-pitched screams to dustward-and-downward hardcore vocals. What is so cool about this album is that a collection of seemingly incompatible ingredients can ultimately produce such a tasty cocktail. Stuff hardcore, punk, metal and Patton’s mad genius into a blender and push the ON button. We like! (#GMM18)