Diablo Blvd

Diablo Blvd
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2009 / 2011 / 2014 / 2018


Hard Rock




Every year some images from the GMM aftermovie become ingrained in our memories. Back in 2011 Diablo Blvd kicked off proceedings on Saturday. One of the most memorable sights of that year’s edition was definitely the gigantic wall of death during Diablo’s set. Who can forget the lonely figure in a kilt that was literally inundated by a frenzied sea of metal bodies? Seven years down the road the Antwerp-based fivesome are back with their fourth full-length effort, ‘Zero Hour’. Heavy rock is best served straight up and that’s something they’ve taken to heart on this new release. Whereas the first half is hook-laden and groovy as hell, the latter half offers more accessible and radio-friendly tracks. A brooding atmosphere permeates the entire album and both the musicianship and Agnew’s vocal performance are absolutely stellar. We can’t wait to hear the new stuff live – and who knows, if we’re really lucky kiltman may even show up again. (#GMM18)