• 16-17-18-19 juin 2022
  • Dessel, Belgique








In 2004 ‘Back to Times of Splendor’ kicked up a fair amount of dust in the German underground scene. The progressive melodic death attack of German metallers Disillusion met with rave reviews both in Germany and abroad, resulting in a support slot for Amon Amarth. They went on hiatus following the release of their second slab until a fan booked them for an exclusive concert in Vienna in 2015. The one-off performance soon led to more live dates and the release of ‘Alea’, a new 10-minute single. The fire was rekindled and in 2017 Andy Schmidt (vocals/keyboards/guitar) secluded himself in a cabin in the woods somewhere in the Czech Republic to work on material for a new album. The production was financed through crowd funding and the ensuing album ‘Liberation’ (2019) can be discovered live at GMM2021. (#GMM21)