Fleddy Melculy

Fleddy Melculy
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting 2016 / 2018





Fleddy Melculy, the alter ego of Jeroen Camerlynck (singer/guitarist of Belgian rock band De Fanfaar), is always in for a laugh. The project is Jeroen Camerlynck’s humorous way of proclaiming his affinity with metal: criticising the lack of innovation in the genre by rehashing/denouncing every one of its clichés while still managing to sound great. For the last two years they’ve been making serious waves. After all, metal bands with Dutch lyrics on such hilarious themes as indicator lights, night shops and even a Metallica T-shirt are few and far between. The band has meanwhile outgrown the gimmick stage and what started as a tongue-in-cheek approach to metal has developed into a staple of the Belgian metal scene. If you’re in for a party and you don’t take yourself too seriously then you’ll have a blast with Fleddy Melculy. (#GMM18)