Follow The Cipher

Follow The Cipher
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Power Metal




Follow The Cipher formed in 2014 when then Sabaton additional guitarist (on albums) and co-songwriter Ken Kängström wanted to strike out on his own. . While Ken was working on tracks he met talented female vocalist Linda Toni Grahn and this marked the start of a productive collaboration. They recruited more personnel and after some line-up changes they are now a five-piece. Follow the Cipher represent a dirty, dry, rusty and lonesome environment in a devastated future created by mankind’s past mistakes. The rebellion (The Cipher) is a clan of deserters acting as a force against the new world’s brutality and depression. FTC describes this environment in an adventurous way with the theme of their music and the lyrics within it. Pumping power metal with a contemporary twist and catchy as hell. Far from being a Sabaton clone they will nevertheless appeal to the same audience. (#GMM18)