Good Riddance

Good Riddance
19:20 - 20:10 Jupiler Stage
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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting






The American punk rock band Good Riddance formed in 1986 in Santa Cruz, California but it took them almost a decade to release their official full-length debut ‘For God and Country’ (1995) .Still, their inclusion on several Fat Wreck Records compilations allowed them to reach a sizeable audience and foster interest for what they were doing. In addition, vocalist Russ Rankin’s competent lyrics set themselves apart from the somewhat stale message that was not uncommon in the genre. Subsequent releases were clearly a step up and they made their mark with a combo of hardcore punk and catchy melodies. Personnel changes were a red thread throughout their early history and in 2007 the band folded but subsequently reassembled in early 2012. The line-up has been stable ever since and ‘Peace in Our Time’ (2015) and ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ (2019) offer the same content as before their five-year hiatus: melodic and fast punk rock with layered lyrics rich in political and social commentary. They may not be innovators but their heartfelt and skillful delivery keeps them at the forefront of the punk rock genre. (#GMM22)