• 17-18-19-20 juin 2021
  • Dessel, Belgique


Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Folk / Pagan / Viking




The neo folk collective Heilung finds inspiration in pre-Christian times and their songs evoke pagan rituals and historic battles between Germanic tribes and the Romans, which results in a very mystical atmosphere. Although they use modern tools such as keyboards, all the other – and often unusual – aids are more instrumental to the overall sound on their self-released debut ‘Ofnir’(2015): a babbling brook, bronze rings or the clang of human bones, goat horns, deerskin drums... they go hand in hand with the entreating Tuva chants of Norwegian vocalist Maria Franz and the roars of shaman Kai Uwe Faust. The band members call the result ‘amplified history’, as they aim to tap into their Viking heritage. Last year’s live recording ‘Lifa’ should give you an idea of what to expect. (#GMM18)