23:00 - 00:15 Marquee
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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2018 / 2022


Folk / Pagan / Viking




Do you remember Heilung’s maiden performance at GMM back in 2018? Plagued by power outages, the Danish/German/Norwegian collective kept going, completely unperturbed. Clad from head to toe in traditional dress, the neo folk collective uses frame drums, human bones, reconstructed swords and other bizarre attributes to emphasise the authenticity of the ritual proceedings. Back to the essence... but not entirely. They combine ethnic sounds with polyphonic singing and modern keyboards, creating a totally new concept they themselves like to call ‘amplified history’. The power of Heilung also derives from the repetitive - and consequently often hypnotic - rhythms. Things never get boring and there’s always something happening on stage. The electronic percussion and ambient synthesizer sounds perfectly complement the layered singing which, in turn, results in heartbreakingly beautiful harmonies. The lyrics tell of ancient runes and hearken back to the days of yore. As an overall experience, a Heilung performance can be likened to an audiovisual immersion in shamanism. Once fully entranced, spectators are spirited away to previously concealed worlds… Be sure to check out 2017’s ‘Lifa’ for a live taste of what you’re in for. (#GMM22)