Hellmut Lotti Goes Metal

dimanche 18 juin 17.40 - 18.30

Country Belgique

As you know, GMM likes to bill the biggest acts, household names, fresh talent and new discoveries. While that doesn’t mean we don’t like to serve up the odd surprise act, adding Helmut Lotti to the line-up is still a major curveball. He sold millions of records with his ‘Goes Classic’ project, played concert halls all over the world and couldn’t care less about metal. Or so we thought. Helmut is no stranger to rock ‘n’ roll. His career started when he professed his undying love for the King in the Soundmix Show. A while back he recorded his version of Maiden’s ‘Run to the Hills’ as an experiment for Willy, the radio station that focuses on heavy music. Jaws dropped. The ever-critical metal community did what it always does: embrace artists that deserve it, even if they are active in a genre different from theirs. This heartfelt appreciation planted the seed to take it to the next level, the next step in his illustrious career: Lotti goes metal. Backed by excellent musicians, Hellmut (with double ‘l’) will unleash his metal chops upon the Metal Dome, which will undoubtedly burst at the seams. Get ready for a slew of genre classics ranging from Whitesnake, Kiss and Aerosmith to, of course, Iron Maiden. #GMM23