Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2005 / 2008 / 2017






Helmet is an American alternative rock/metal band that has gained a well-deserved cult status over the years. From the release of their 1990 debut ‘Strap It On’, it was clearly impossible to slot Helmet into one of the traditional categories. Surprisingly, perhaps, this has contributed largely to their success since both alternative rock listeners and fans of the heavier stuff are into the band.  In 1998, Helmet pulled the plug but in 2004, ‘Size Matters’ ended a 6-year dry spell. This was the first album with Page Hamilton as the only founding member, from that point on the rest of the band basically became a revolving cast of musicians. Helmet’s influence on the alternative metal scene is not to be underestimated, with such diverse bands as Sepultura, Godsmack, System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More and Deftones citing them as an influence. 2016’s ‘Dead to the World’ ended another 6-year drought and although more adventurous than usual, it’s still undeniably Helmet. (#GMM17)