Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




Martin Schirenc - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Gröger - Drums
Gregor Marboe - Bass, Backing Vocals
Martin Arzberger - Guitar

  The beginnings of HOLLENTHON date back to 1994, a time of an active Austrian Black Metal Syndicate and an incognito project known as VUZEM. He joins forces with drummer Mike Gröger (COLLAPSE 7, BLOO VOODOO, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, MUDBREED). At the urging of A.B.M.S. members, Martin Schirenc anonymously includes two VUZEM tracks on self-produced compilation Norici Obscura Pars.

Following favorable reviews and multiple requests, Martin decides to release a full-length recording of VUZEM's music. Other commitments, however, delay the realization of this endeavor until late 1998, when unfinished material is brought to the attention of Napalm Records. Shortly thereafter, VUZEM signs to the label, releasing critically acclaimed debut Domus Mundi in 1999 under the HOLLENTHON banner.

In June 2001, HOLLENTHON releases With Vilest of Worms to Dwell. Not unlike its predecessor, it boasts of a superb soundtrack-like production, as well as a fierce and wicked atmosphere created by a perfect symbiosis of heavy guitars, symphonic interludes, thrilling choirs, and bewitching melodies.

The album was promoted with a European tour together with EIRSEGEN (GER) and SIEBENBÜRGEN (SWE). The live line up was completed with Mike's bandmates Mario Klausner (COLLAPSE 7, Ex-PUNGENT STENCH, Ex-BELPHEGOR) and Werner Freinbichler (COLLAPSE 7). The following years saw Martin concentrating on PUNGENT STENCH although the writing of new material was never stopped. 2007 HOLLENTHON is meant to return and continue to walk the chosen path. Wanting a real band and not just additional live musicians Martin and Mike chose to recruit Gregor Marboe who Martin shared stages with since early 2006 in PUNGENT STENCH on bass and backing vocals and who has been active in the Austrian scene for years in his bands DEFENDER KFS and VARGSRIKET. In need of a second guitarist Martin Arzberger (MOLOKH, DEFENDER KFS) was introduced to the band.