Hollywood Undead

Hollywood Undead
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2015 / 2018






When Hollywood Undead first played at GMM three years ago any doubts as to whether they were suited to a metal festival were brushed aside as soon as they took the stage. As the band name indicates, Hollywood Undead hails from the City of Angels. Like Slipknot and Ghost, the band is known for wearing facial masks during live performances. HU blend various musical styles ranging from hip hop to hard rock and alternative rock to metal and back in the States they are a household name. While they do have a solid fan base on this side of the Atlantic, they haven’t been able to break into the big leagues yet. Perhaps ‘V’ (2017) will be the album that catapults them to stardom in Europe because the first single off their new effort certainly sounds promising: heartfelt clean vocals & brutal rhymes, heavy guitars and an all-round raw energy. If you didn’t catch them last time around this is your chance to make up for it. (#GMM18)