Iced Earth

Iced Earth
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
1998 / 2004 / 2008 / 2011 / 2013 / 2018


Heavy Metal




Iced Earth is the brainchild of rhythm guitarist and songwriter Jon Schaffer, who founded the band in 1984 in Tampa, Florida. Iced Earth stands for an inventive blend of traditional heavy metal and epic power metal seasoned with an occasional shot of thrash. Throughout the years there have been a number of personnel changes but the quality of the songs that has enamored millions of metal fans across the globe always remained intact. Longtime singer Matt Barlow left the band for the second time in 2011 but an excellent replacement was found in Stu Block. The new ‘Incorruptible’ (2017) album seems to gravitate more towards early-era Iced Earth than the previous recordings, something the early fans will undoubtedly appreciate. Add in Jon Schaffer’s distinctive rhythm guitar sound, Stu Block’s exceptional range and new axeman Jake Dryer’s ripping solos and you know what you’re in for. (#GMM18)