In the woods

In the woods
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




This Norwegian progressive metal band is rooted in the black metal eruption of the early 90s but was also one of the first to expand its horizons. Progressive elements, a Pink Floyd-esque atmosphere, avant-garde wanderings, covers of Jefferson Airplane and King Crimson, … anything goes in the realm of In the Woods… At the time, their 1995 debut ‘Heart of the Ages’ was hailed as one of the best metal debuts despite venturing well outside standard black metal borders with the use of keyboards and clean male/female vocals in addition to screamed vocals, guitar solos and classical elements. Their last studio album, ‘Strange in Stereo’ (1999) is a foray into metal-based experimental music, at times glorious and uplifting yet dark and foreboding in other passages. In 2014, they came out of hibernation after 11 years with the backbone of the original line-up intact. Time to see if the magic has survived. (Text: Geert Struyven / Translation: Nick Devos)