Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Death Metal


With seven full-length albums to theri credit the Finnish quartet Insomnium are a mainstay on the melodic death metal scene. Their sound and lyrical content evoke darkness, sorrow and loss and are rooted in the love of nature that characterises so many Scandinavian bands. Formed near the end of the millennium, their maiden CD dropped a full five years later with ‘In the Halls of Awaiting’ and especially the title track was a promise of more to come. Since then they’ve delivered on that promise and the highlight of their catalogue to date is undoubtedly their most recent full-length effort. ‘Winter’s Gate’ tells the story of a band of Vikings who embark on an epic journey to find a legendary island. Both lyrically and in terms of riffing the album is on another level. The album consists of a single, 40-minute track that showcases every facet of the band’s abilities and keeps the listener hooked from start to finish. Epic metal fans won’t want to miss a minute of Insomnium! (#GMM19)