Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting






Musical chameleons always carve out their own path and that usually means that one band is not enough to vent all of their musical ideas. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis ranks in this category. In the past he has stepped into the limelight as a DJ under the monniker Jdevil – and with success, too. He also composed the soundtrack to the 2002 Hollywood adaptation of Anne Rice’s ‘Queen of the Damned’. But he has more musical projects up his sleeve that don’t fit the Korn framework. In 2018 he’s releasing a solo album that has been in the pipeline for a decade. The project originally started out as J.D.S.F.A. (Jonathan Davis and the Simply Funcking Amazings) but the untimely demise of Shane Gibson put an end to that band. So it’ll just be J.D. but that’ll do the trick! (#GMM18)