12:40 - 13:20 Metal Dome
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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting






‘It’s been almost 20 years’ is the opening sentence of the ‘Reset’ album and yes, these guys have been around for two decades. Killthelogo is the continuation of .calibre, a popular Belgian hardcore band that had its heyday around the turn of the century. Killthelogo serve up an infectious update of the 90s sound that produced a whole new generation of metal afficionados. Killthelogo may have taken their name from the 2002 .calibre album but this is not a reunion. Only two original members remain and they recruited some excellent musicians for the new line-up that has left an impressive calling card with ‘Reset’. Early fans will appreciate the social criticism in the lyrics and the younger generation will feed off the supercharged atmosphere and drive. Singles ‘The Warehouse Moguls’ and ‘Riot As One’ foreshadow the kind of onslaught you can expect. Whether you call the music nu-metal or a precursor to metalcore, Killthelogo will hit you like a ton of bricks. (#GMM22)