Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




KRYPTERIA is a German-Korean four piece, fronted by leadsinger Ji-In, a stunningly talented and breathtaking beauty.

Ji-In, who studied vocals and piano at the renowned Musikhochschule/Cologne, and her trio of band mates form one of Europe's hottest new live acts.

KRYPTERIA have a knack for dramatic punch-you-in-the-face songs with sizzling melodies all spiced up with mysterious atmospheres and classical elements such as their trademark Gregorian chants.

This unique blend of music is featured in all its forcefulness on their new album “Bloodangel’s Cry” which will see the light of day on January 19th, 2007.
On this sixty minute journey across the rock, gothic and metal landscape twelve original songs will mercilessly capture you, ranging from the explosive uptempo neckbreaking variety (All systems go / Scream / I can’t breath) over reckless grinders (Time to bring the pain / Out of tears) to sparkling melodic jewels (Somebody save me / The night all angels cry), all capped by gloomy yet captivating 10-minute-tour de force “At the gates of retribution”.

The foursome obviously are at the top of their game and enjoying themselves as they put together a remarkable collection of irresistable ear candy refined with clever arrangements and multi-faceted vocal performances and molded by a hunger that’s apparent from tracks 1 through 12.