Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Black Metal




Unfortunately most of us know the Middle East primarily from the endless stream of bad news to come out of that region. Still, let’s not forget that ancient Mesopotamia is one of the cradles of human civilisation and had a very rich culture. As an Armenian/Assyrian/Israeli band, the origins of Melechesh lie in this region. They moved to Amsterdam for practical reasons but their music is still imbued with their oriental roots. They play an incendiary mix of black metal, thrash and so-called Mizrahi metal that’s guaranteed to get you moving. Their sixth and most recent album ‘Enki’ (2015) is the perfect introduction as Melechesh continue to perfect their unique formula. You don’t have to be a black metal fan to enjoy Melechesh and taking their impeccable live credentials into account it’s easy to see why this GMM debut is anticipated by many. (#GMM17)