Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2014 / 2018


Death Metal




When the Swedes from Meshuggah started their career in the late ‘80s they were way ahead of their time. Their debut ‘Contradictions Collapse’ (1991) offered a mix of technical death metal characterised, amongst others, by chopping riffs and a hint of jazz. Despite rave reviews, the complexity of the music proved an obstacle to commercial success but Meshuggah never strayed from their chosen path. Meanwhile they’ve have become a household name, not in the least by pioneering the djent scene. As for Meshuggah themselves, they cannot be described in terms of labels as no two records sound the same. Their amazing seventh CD, ‘Koloss’, came out in 2012 and was successful both in Europe and the US. ‘The Violent Sleep of Reason’ (2017) is the first album in ages where the musicians recorded their parts while they were physically in the same room and it really paid off. If you’re into groovy, complex and masterfully performed metal then Meshuggah will definitely light your fire. Skinsman Thomas Maake’s drum flurries alone are worth your time! (#GMM18)