No Fun At All

No Fun At All
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2000 / 2019






Punkrock is alive and kicking! Now that the Vans Warped tour has thrown the towel, it’s up to the worldwide music community to help keep the fire burning! GMM is doing its part this year by inviting one of the biggest European talents: No Fun At All. These Swedish punk rockers have been around for nearly three decades and they sound just as fresh as way-back-when. .Last year they released their first new album in a decade with ‘Grit’. Punk rock lyrics usually tell it like it is, resulting in short tracks and No Fun at All are no different. Most songs chug along at a lively clip and the Danielsson and Eriksson tandem is tuned to perfection. Contrary to what their chosen moniker suggests, No Fun At All is loads of fun. (#GMM19)