• 16-17-18-19 juin 2022
  • Dessel, Belgique

Our Survival Depends On Us

Our Survival Depends On Us


Doom Metal




What could be more exciting than a band that’s impossible to pigeonhole but that still appeals to loads of metal fans? The Austrian fivesome Our Survival Depends on Us is an excellent case in point. Dark metal, doom, ambient, tribal and folk metal are thrown into the crucible, forging what they themselves fittingly call ‘intense spiritual music’. Their new album ‘Melting in the Hearts of Men’ (2019) comes in at 45 minutes for only four songs. The drawn out and meandering tracks take the listener on a spiritual trip. They have a strangely entrancing effect and even though this isn’t easy listening by any stretch of the imagination, the music has a way of sticking in your head. They don’t perform live all that often but when they do it’s always a memorable experience, both musically and visually. Formed in 1999 in Salzburg, Austria, Our Survival Depends on Us has alternately been labelled a post-metal band and a sludge or doom metal outfit – hard to pigeonhole, remember? Anyway, if Swallow the Sun or Dream Theater float your boat this could be just the thing for you. (#GMM21)