Palaye Royale

vendredi 16 juin 18.05 - 18.50

Genre Glam Metal
Country États-Unis

Family ties are important and sometimes they are so strong that siblings end up forming a band. This is the case with the Canadian-American rock band Palaye Royale. Founded in 2007 by brothers Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig, and Emerson Barrett (all surnamed Kropp), their music calls to mind Papa Roach and Youngblud and appeals in particular to young rock/indie fans. They take influences from glam, indie, art and garage rock and they sound a bit like an improved version of Måneskin. Their latest record ‘Fever Dream’ (2022) was universally hailed as their finest moment yet and after years of dedicated work the three brothers are about to make it big. Come and discover why! #GMM23