Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2012 / 2016




Formed in 1988, this Californian punk rock band has had an eventful history but they never faltered. When punk became fashionable again in the mid-90s they refused to join a major label and not even the untimely death of bassist Jason Thirsk in 1996 could stop their momentum. Their attitude and success has inspired punk bands worldwide yet these guys have never forgotten their humble beginnings. After a short hiatus, long-time singer and founding member Jim Lindberg returned to the fold. Their most recent album, 2014’s ‘Yesterdays’, is a collection of older songs written by erstwhile bassist Thirsk. Pennywise shows are typically an insane affair with aggressive mosh pits and lots of crowd surfing so get ready for one hell of a workout! (Text: Nick Tronckoe / Translation: Nick Devos)