Played at Graspop Metal Meeting 2013

Nu Metal




In addition to a number of mega bands, the nu-metal era also produced other successful acts such as the Christian nu-metal outfit P.O.D., short for Payable on Death. In 2001 they landed a major hit with the track ‘Alive’, which was taken from their stellar ‘Satellite’ album (2001). Unfortunately they were unable to build on the surge of popularity the CD created but on ‘Murdered Love’ (2012), their mojo came flooding right back and the vibe carried over into ‘The Awakening’ (2015), a concept album that showcases a variety of styles and tells the story of a guy who faces and conquers his inner demons. A quarter century after their inception P.O.D. are still bursting with energy. Some of you will still remember frontman Sonny Sandoval & Co from their set in Marquee II at GMM2013. A new album is in the pipeline and may well drop before GMM2018 (#GMM18)