Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2012 / 2019


Death Metal




Possessed are nothing short of legendary and are routinely credited with fathering both the black and death metal genre. The latter is believed to stem from the title of their first demo, appropriately titled ‘Death Metal’. Their first two full-lengths, the groundbreaking ‘Seven Churches’(1985) and ‘Beyond the Gates’ (1986), as well as the EP ‘The Eyes of Horror’ (1987), had a major influence on a slew of extreme metal bands that cropped up in later year, including Napalm Death and Death. Unfortunately, though, their own day in the sun didn’t last that long. They disbanded prematurely due to internal strife. Guitarist Danny Lalonde went on to found Primus with Les Claypool, guitarist Mike Torrao and drummer Mike Sus pursued different careers and frontman/bassist Jeff Becerra had the misfortune of being paralysed from the chest down following a shooting in a robbery. Still, Jeff fought back: as the only remaining founding member in the line-up, the vocalist doesn’t let the wheelchair get in the way of a possessed live performance. Incidentally, after a 32-year hiatus in studio recordings, a new album is set to be unleashed in the summer 2019 on Nuclear Blast. (#GMM19)