Purple Strangers

Purple Strangers
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin put the HARD in 'Hard Rock' with hits like
Black Night, Child In Time and Smoke On The Water, Woman From Tokyo
and Fireball. Purple dominated the hitlists for years.
This magical formation consisted of Blackmore, Gillan and Glover.
Then came MARK II with members Lord and Paice who helped generate
hits like Highway Star, Perfect Strangers and Speed King.
Enter MARKIII with David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes the newbloods
instrumental in making albumclassics like Burn, Stormbringer, Mistreated and
You Keep On Moving.

Purple Strangers combines the best of both worlds. Authentic hits are
performed with authentic instruments played with a newfound enthusiasm
that captures and amplifies the irresistable atmosphere of the era.
Names like Hammond/Leslie and Fender/Marshall are an intergral part
of the hypnotic sound generated by Purple Strangers.
The level of entertainment is high with stunning rock performances,
masterfull guitar and keyboard solos, thundering drums and flowing manes!