Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2010 / 2016 / 2019


Heavy Metal




Formed in 1974 by John and Mark Gallagher in Newcastle upon Tyne, Raven hit a nerve with their energetic style they themselves like to call ‘athletic rock’. Before long they carved out a solid reputation with their high-octane live shows and a typical sense of humour. The band was one of the catalysts for the NWOBHM movement and their speed and power were a heavy influence on the emerging thrash and speed metal genre. After making a name for themselves with such albums as ‘Rock until You Drop’ (1981) and ‘Wiped Out’ (1982), they made a failed bid for more mainstream success with ‘Stay Hard’ (1985) and ‘The Pack Is Back’ (1986) but they soon returned to form with the ‘Mad’ EP and a new full-length, ‘Life’s a Bitch’ (1987). Raven kept recording but it wasn’t until the critically acclaimed ‘Walk through Fire’ (2009) that they recaptured the kind of attention they deserve. Their last full-length to data, ‘ExtermiNation’ (2015), is another impressive slab of old school heavy metal. (#GMM19)