Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




On their Roadrunner Records debut, REVENGE FOR THE RUTHLESS, the Welsh quartet fuse dangerous thrash riffs to infectious and timeless choruses, which isn’t so easy to do in the metal sphere. Songs like “Stay Down” rise with anthemic hooks, while “Psychoville” converges its path of bruising melodies and unpredictable vocals. The United Kingdom has produced some of hard rock and heavy metal’s most beloved acts, and these four lads from Wales continue that tradition. Revoker—Jamie Mathias [Vocals, Guitar], Chris Green [Lead Guitar], Shane Phillips [Bass], Jack Pritchard [Drums]—are about to invade psyches everywhere.

About their sound, Green puts it best, “It’s the new old school. All of our influences are classic metal and hard rock bands, but we channel them into our own sound. Each song tells a story and has a beginning, middle, and end. That keeps things interesting.”

Hints of Metallica and Machine Head pulsate at the heart of Revoker’s debut, but there’s a distinct, fresh attitude leading the charge. Revoker collectively grew up in South Wales, and Mathias and Green have been playing together since they were 13-years-old. Once the duo needed a rhythm section, schoolmates Pritchard and Phillips eventually found their way into the band’s ranks, solidifying the lineup in 2006.