Rival Sons

Rival Sons
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2012 / 2016




This Californian band formed in 2008 and following their digitally released debut ‘Before the Fire’, they opened for the likes of Alice Cooper, Kid Rock and AC/DC. In 2011, they signed with Earache/EMI and released a kick-ass second studio album, ‘Pressure and Time’. Rival Sons likes to hit the studio with just a few ideas, preferring to let the songs develop organically through jam sessions. Recorded in just 20 days, ‘Pressure and Time’ contains a collection of raw, 70s-style blues rock songs featuring the authentic and heartfelt vocals of Jay Buchanan. Rival Sons write well-crafted songs reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s bluesy hard rock and bands like The Animals and Free. Drawing their inspiration straight from the source, they are not just another nostalgic neo-retro outfit and do not copy or reproduce. 2014’s ‘Great Western Valkyrie’ is a collection of bluesy, classic yet timeless heavy rock tunes for the 21st century. If you enjoyed Blues Pills last year then Rival Sons will be right up your alley. (Text: Stef Maes / Translation: Nick Devos)