Saltatio Mortis

vendredi 16 juin 13.00 - 13.40

Genre Folk / Pagan / Viking
Country Allemagne

A modern, metal take on medieval music? That’s what the Germans in Saltatio Mortis are all about. Using both traditional and contemporary instruments, they whip up a concoction known as ‘medieval metal’. The lyrics are usually very critical of the government and emphasise lofty ideals. The band formed in 2000 as a street musician collective with a predilection for (folk) rock. Several line-up changes didn’t affect the musical focus of the band and this steadfast attitude eventually paid off. Their big break came with ‘Des Königs Henker’ (2005) and since the release of the universally praised ‘Zirkus Zeitgeist’ (2015) every new album invariably makes it to the business end of the charts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The rest of Europe is up next!  #GMM23