15:20 - 16:05 Metal Dome
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Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Hard Rock




Rock ´n’ roll is not just a music genre, it’s also a vibe and a way of life. The combination of rocking guitars, drums and infectious vocals cause goosebumps the world over. Long-time Golden Earring drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk and Triggerfinger metronome Mario Goossens are friends. Triggerfinger’s on a break and the Earring’s calendar is not as full as it used to be so the pair had some time on their hands. Recording covers of a handful of classics seemed like a fun idea and the session inadvertently sowed the seed for Sloper. They enlisted the services of both singer/guitarist Pete Shoulder and guitarist Fabio Canini and it all took off from there. Sloper is set to release an EP as well as a studio album in 2020 so what better time to introduce GMM to this new project by old hands? Listening to good old-fashioned guitar rock with a cold beer in hand: what more can you possibly want? (#GMM22)