Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2014 / 2017


Post metal




Iceland is so much more than a country forged by fire and ice and surrounded by fathomless ocean. Perhaps because of its geographical isolation, the island has long been a breeding ground for strong-willed and original bands from varying musical backgrounds ranging from pop and indie rock (Björk and Sigur Ros) to heavy metal with Solstafir. Back in the day, they made Viking/black metal in honour of their forefathers but over the years they have expanded their horizon beyond the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Today they’re into post metal with a generous helping of psychedelic rock and their songs suit the vast, desolate and windswept landscape they call home. Solstafir’s last album ‘Ótta’ was a true masterpiece of what they themselves call ‘atmospheric Icelandic rock ‘n’ roll’ so don’t miss out! (#GMM17)