GMM 2023 - THE CHATS.jpg

The Chats

samedi 17 juin 19.00 - 19.50

Genre Punkrock
Country Australie

Aussie outback punks The Chat have mastered the art of writing the kind of tracks that are basically about nothing at all but still manage to ignite the mosh pit as hundreds of throats belt out the lyrics from start to finish. Formed in 2016 when the band members were still in secondary school, they took just two months to release their maiden EP, but the ball truly got rolling when ‘Smoko’, the opening track off their second EP ‘Get This in Ya!!’, went viral. The Chats’ signature, catchy punk rock essentially consists of just three main ingredients: a flat-out refusal to take themselves seriously, an amp that shatters all the glassware in a 50-metre radius and… ginger mullets. With previous appearances at Kavka and Botanique under their belt, they are no stranger to Belgian stages and slightly older fans will be fondly reminded of The Chats’ countrymen in Cosmic Psychos. Aussie craziness at its best and warmly recommended for fans of unpretentious punk rock. In the run-up to the festival be sure to check out ‘High Risk Behaviour’ (2020) and ‘Get Fucked’ (2022), their two full-lengths to date.#GMM23