The Devils Blood

The Devils Blood
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




We Have Chosen the Satan against creation! We Have Chosen the Chaos behind existence! We Have Chosen the Death above life!

THE DEVIL'S BLOOD and VÁN RECORDS announce the release of the Cult of The Devil's Blood's debut full length album.

"Can you hear the Devil's faithful calling? - For Evermore!"

With a release date scheduled for September eleventh of two thousand and nine THE DEVIL'S BLOOD unleash this epic work that encapsulates all that defines this cult once and for all. Transcending all that has come before and and the same time affirming their origin and roots with clear artistic zeal and clear spiritual force. Many tears, screams of anguish, cries of joy and drops of blood where spent to get to this momentous junction. The recording, mixing and mastering process was again in the more than capable hands of engineer of Pieter G. Kloos whom the band have worked with since the beginning.

This album is intended as a push towards the apex of the Kali Yuga we are currently existing in. The title describes a state of unbeing which lies just beyond existence as we perceive it "normally" and through the words and music it is intended that nails are raked across the thin lines that separate us from the crawling chaos and into the timeless eternity of the thoughtless void. Our vision is that these songs, each in a different manner and from a different angle, succeed in helping the listeners to attune their beings to the vibrations of the left hand side and making its wine spill into this world, drop by drop, song by song, word by word, curse by curse and, eventually, death by death.

Thus ushering in The Time Of No Time Evermore!

The album's artwork has been done by one of the individuals who has almost from the beginning hailed THE DEVIL'S BLOOD in action as well as in words, Erik Danielsson of Watain who has also co-wrote one song on the album, named "The Yonder Beckons", giving it its lyrics and partly its music. Furthermore good friend of the band Will Power returned to add some of his sonic perversion to the album's closing piece The Anti-Kosmik Magick.

Statement from the Cult:
"I am pleased to see that this work is now done and that it is as good as it could have possibly have been. For me personally it is no less than my life's work perfected and finished. For the cult it is the first step on a long path. We have had total support from all the secular powers working for us, our management, label, bookers, they have all done well for us. We now stand at the crossroads and offer up this work, than has been made in total reverie to the Satanic influence that incited all of its content, in its entire phallic enormity to the world and pray that it might choke on its enormity! See you all in Hell!"

THE DEVIL'S BLOOD have spent the last two years clawing their perverted way through the musical establishment, being hailed for their sublime religious rituals as well as for their high quality releases in the form of a seven inch ("The Graveyard Shuffle" out on Ván Records) and an EP ("Come, Reap" out on Ván Records and Profoundlore Records). These two releases have shown a band with a definite musical vision and a clear spiritual path.
The band is at this point determined to spread their gospel across an even greater public and will do so in the coming period by performing more Rituals all over mainland Europe and crossing oceans towards all other parts of the world!

Blessed with a strong resolve and an unshakeable trust in their own music and words THE DEVIL'S BLOOD will undoubtedly succeed in this respect as they have so far done in all others!
So hail all those who would support THE DEVIL'S BLOOD to make the darkest of dreams the brightest of realities!