Iron Mask

Iron Mask
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Iron Mask was formed by
Belgium’s number 1 guitar hero
Dushan Petrossi in 2002 after an
offer from Finnish label Lion
Music. Initially intended as a project to
run alongside his symphonic progressive
metal band Magic Kingdom and with a
name stemming from the Alexander
Dumas novel ‘The Man In The Iron
Mask’, the band soon developed into
more than its initial vision and are in the
process of completing their third album
“Shadow Of The Red Baron” due in 2009
on Lion Music.
The band’s 2002 debut album “Revenge Is My Name” saw Dushan pull in several friends to complete his
initial vision which received strong praise from media worldwide. Dushan then set about recording the
Scorpions track 'Yellow Raven' for Lion Music's Uli Jon Roth tribute “Beyond Inspiration” as well as
recording a inspired interpretation of the Rainbow classic Gates Of Babylon for Lion Music's' Ritchie
Blackmore tribute “Blackmore's Castle I”.
. April 2005 saw Iron Mask back stronger than ever with a truly great new album
and a solid line up on “Hordes Of The Brave”. The album combines majestic arrangements with mind
blowing power throughout the 11 tracks on offer - all penned by Dushan Petrossi. New vocalist Goetz
‘Valhalla Jr’ Mohre contributes incredible vocals reminiscent of Graham Bonnet or David Coverdale with
Bruce Dickinson-esque touches. This unique voice combines the finest melodic qualities with an
aggressive delivery. Guest vocalist Oliver Hartmann (ex-At Vance) also added vocals to 3 tracks. The
recording of the lead and backing vocals as well as the epic choir arrangements were done at
Hartmann’s ‘Alive Studio’ in Germany. The music was recorded in Brussels throughout 2003 and the first
half of 2004 (in ‘Iron Kingdom’ studio, and ‘Galasse’ studio). The metal scene’s hottest keyboardist
Richard Andersson (Majestic, Time Requiem) is responsible for all the keyboards solos on ‘Hordes Of The
Brave’. For the rhythm section Petrossi relied upon the rock solid rhythm section of Magic Kingdom.
Vassili Moltchanov (one of the most respected bassists in Belgium) and Russian drummer Anton
Arkhipov (Exhumator) deliver breathtaking technique and energy.
“Hordes Of The Brave” saw Iron Mask move away slightly from the more neo-classical nature of the
debut to deliver epic hard rock with heavier and progressive influences. This slight change of direction
saw superb press worldwide and led to the band supporting Anvil on a European tour as well a playing
several headline gigs along with other festival appearances.
2007 saw Dushan commence work on the third Iron Mask release tentatively entitled "Shadow Of The
Red Baron" which will sees the majority of the previous line-up remain intact this time with only new
members Andreas Lindahl – Keyboards (Wuthering Heights / Narnia / The Murder Of My Sweet) and
Erik Stout – Drums (Vengeance, Joe Stump band) joining the main core. The new album promises to see
the band move into even more solid hard rock/metal areas and have shot a video for the track “Forever
In The Dark”.
“Shadow Of The Red Baron” is set for release on January 15th 2010 and is home to 10 tracks and will be
available in a CD/DVD format with extras including band interviews, the aforementioned promo video as
well as a guitar lesson with Dushan.

Iron Mask are:
Dushan Petrossi - all guitars
Goetz "Valhalla jr" Mohr - lead vocals
Andreas Lindahl – keyboards ()
Vassili Moltchanov - bass
Erik Stout - drums (Joe Stump band,vengeance)
Shadow Of The Red Baron
Hordes Of The Brave
Revenge Is My Name