• 16-17-18-19 juni 2022
  • Dessel, BelgiĆ«

Leave Scars

Leave Scars
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




We started our band in 2005 with 3 founding members, Dizzy on vocals, Filip aka Mo6 on guitar and Nonkel on drums. Later on Frederick joined us on Bass. For a few months, Tom played lead guitar. But he decided to leave the band for personal reasons. In the beginning of 2007 Frederick decided to leave the band to have more time for his other 2 bands, Sanitarium and Herfst. He was replaced by Yves in the spring of 2007. At the end of 2007 we've recorded our first demo: Unit 731. After recording our demo, Yves missed his guitar. The band decided to get Dizzy a bass so Yves could play the guitar like he does in several other bands. After Yves leaving the band in december of 2009, Dizzy decided to put his bass away and leave the bass playing for the bigger guys. In the beginning of 2010 Paul joined us on guitar to reinforce our Thrash army. Dizzy gave his bass to Math in april 2011 so he can focus himself back on his vocals. After 6 years Mo6 left the band in may 2011, Djoni replaced him on the guitar.