• 16-17-18-19 juni 2022
  • Dessel, BelgiĆ«


Played at Graspop Metal Meeting




Singer Floor Jansen needs no further introduction after 12 years of loyal service with After Forever. After the break of this band she knew she wanted to continue making metal!!! To accomplish this she joined forces with two additional songwriters to first compose, then record an album. The live band was formed after completion!


The first composer to join this new collaboration was soon found in Waldemar Sorychta (Grip Inc, Enemy Of The Sun, ao). The second composer is After Forever colleague Joost van den Broek. The ReVamp sound has become a unique blend of the personal style we recognize from these musicians.


Floor’s voice is already known for its wide range and variety. In ReVamp she shows the world she can do even more! From opera to raw screams; from rock to a light and almost whispered sound. She knows how to ‘master the cords’ and takes you along with her on a wild ride throughout the album!


The music is heavier than some of you might expect. Bombastic; but with heavy riffing. Complex and pounding drums mixed with melancholic strings. Crazy synth-sounds mixed with a beautiful choir. A wall of sound, yet transparent and versatile. And to finish this cake with a fine icing 3 special guests made this album extra special! Russell Allen (Symphony X) sings a beautiful duet with Floor. The fact their voices mix perfect together was proven before and on the song Sweet Curse they show ones again they are a magical duo.


Björn ‘Speed’ Strid (Soilwork) brings in power on a different level on the song ‘Disdain’. His raw screams make this song the heaviest on the album and create a nice ‘battle of the titans’ with Floor. On Here’s My Hell you’ll hear Dutch master grunter George Oosthoek (ex-Orphanage). The variety of these guests make the album extra interesting from the first note off to very last!


The word revamp literally means: to renovate, redo or revise. For Floor it got the symbolic meaning that this band puts new energy into her career as a singer, a next step but at the same time a continuation of her dream. The word ‘vamp’ indicates, with a wink, ‘woman’. No vampires or slutty types, just a strong lady in charge of her passion.


The live band is now rehearsing and will start kicking ass on stage in May already. Floor is taking 5 ‘new’ talents with her:

Matthias Landes (Dark Fortress) on drums, Jaap Melman (Dreadlock Pussy, Pendejo) on bass, Jord Otto on guitar, Arjan Rijnen (Pendejo) on guitar and Ruben Wijga (Insomnia) on keyboard. Preparations for the shows are being done as we speak and the south of The Netherlands isn’t such a quit county anymore now ‘ReVamp’ is trying out some tunes every Saturday and Sunday J


For now there are shows booked only in The Netherlands but ReVamp will soon cross the Dutch border and conquer Europe and beyond!!!


On the 4th of June the first ReVamp album will be released by Nuclear Blast.

The self-titled album has 13 tracks and presents a new dimension in the female fronted metalscene.


More info about ReVamp, the liveshows and cool video’s: www.revampmusic.com