Played at Graspop Metal Meeting


Hard Rock




Rock dinosaurs don’t always come from the UK or the US. Founded in 1974 by Chris von Rohr and Tommy Kiefer, this Swiss hard rock/heavy metal outfit changed their musical direction after attending an AC/DC concert. Later, in the mid-80s, they took a more commercial approach. The 1979 addition of vocalist Marc Storace, who sounds eerily like Bon Scott, heralded the start of a very successful period for the band, especially in North America. Albums such as ‘Metal Rendez-Vous’ (1980) and ‘One Vice at a Time’ (1982) are highlights in the band’s discography. The 90s were less favourable for the Swiss rockers. Krokus kept recording new material but numerous personnel changes affected their output. Then in 2007 the most successful line-up got back together (with the exception of Kiefer, who died in 1986) and this rekindled the fire. Their most recent work ‘Dirty Dynamite’ (2013) and ‘Big Rocks’ (2017) packs an even bigger punch, making this the perfect time for their GMM debut. Fans of dirty, uncomplicated, straight-shooting heavy rock AC/DC style will love Krokus. (#GMM19)