• 16-17-18-19 juin 2022
  • Dessel, Belgique


Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2012 / 2014 / 2016 / 2018


Heavy Metal




The German power metal band Powerwolf has been scouring the earth since 2003 and their debut ‘Return in Bloodred’ dropped two years later. Since then Powerwolf has gone from strength to strength, building a solid and fiercely loyal fan base that grows with every new album. Don’t look to Powerwolf to reinvent power metal: the ingredients never change but it’s the masterful delivery that makes it all worthwhile. Wonderfully corny lyrics about vampires and werewolves, Latin phrases and church organs, singalong choruses that burrow deep into your brain and Attila Dorn’s operatic delivery keep the fans coming back for more. Blessed & Possessed’ (2015) was their fastest, fiercest and most epic offering to date while the latest chapter in the gospel of the wolf, ‘The Sacrament of Sin’ (2018), is marked by a slower pace and more expansive compositions. As a niche band Powerwolf haven’t made any fundamental changes to their formula over the years but they know how to tweak each new album just enough to keep things interesting. Lycanthropes unite! (#GMM21)