Stray From The Path

Stray From The Path
Played at Graspop Metal Meeting
2015 / 2018






In the course of several decades, New York has acquired a reputation as a hardcore hotspot by spawning bands such as Sick of It All, Madball and H2O. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming droves of hardcore bands to the GMM stage so with Stray from the Path we’re glad to welcome back one of the best of the lot. Stray from the Path stands for brutal and aggressive hardcore with politically inspired lyrics. Formed in 2001, they’ve released eight studio albums to date. Their music features influences ranging from punk to metalcore to alternative metal. The songs on their latest album ‘Only Death Is Real’ are boot-to-throat as usual and the lyrics are political nitroglycerine, homing in on every hotly debated issue that has plagued the old US of A over the last few years. (#GMM18)