Bury Tomorrow

jeudi 20 juin 15.40 - 16.25
Jupiler Stage

Genre Metalcore
Country Royaume-Uni
Played at GMM 2016 2018 2022

Ever since their 2009 debut ‘Portraits’, Bury Tomorrow have been growing both musically and in stature. Firmly rooted in the tradition of older metalcore acts such as Killswitch Engage and As I Lay Dying, Bury Tomorrow put their own unique spin on the genre’s trademark ingredients with catchy clean-sung choruses, intricate riffs and crunching breakdowns. ‘Portraits’ took the metalcore scene by storm with a collection of tracks that sound like the musical equivalent of a bull that’s out for blood. Fast-paced and energetic and with a well-balanced mix of clean and harsh vocals, the album grabs the listener by the scruff of the neck and doesn’t let go. ‘Black Flame’ (2018) features a subtle balance between groove, melody and aggression, while the very personal album ‘Cannibal’ (2020) celebrates the tag team use of sledgehammer and melodic sections . ‘The Seventh Sun’ (2023) is the first album to feature new members Ed Hartwell (rhythm guitar) and Tom Prendergast (keyboards/clean vocals), who were brought in following the departure of founding member Jason Cameron. (#GMM24)