Crystal Lake

dimanche 23 juin 14.45 - 15.35

Genre Metalcore
Country Japon

Crystal Lake are one of the most exciting musical export products to come out of Japan in quite a while. Founded in Tokyo in 2002, the band was named after the infamous Camp Crystal Lake, the home of Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees. They’ve toured with the likes of Born of Osiris, Parkway Drive, Upon a Burning Body and Crossfaith. Especially in recent years there’s been a lot of buzz around the Japanese foursome - or quintet with the addition of their touring bassist. They’ve been making inroads into the European market with live dates in a number of European countries, including an 18-date UK tour in the summer of 2018. Their 2016 album ‘True North’ was specifically aimed at the European market with typical metalcore vocals and furious, rapid fire riffs. The album runs the full gamut of boot-to-throat metalcore to more commercially accessible tracks and progressive metal. Their last CD to date, 2018’s ‘Helix’, added a groovy feel to the eccentric lunacy of their brand of electronics-flavoured metalcore. (#GMM24)