GMM 2024 - DEEZ NUTS.jpg

Deez Nuts

vendredi 21 juin 17.25 - 18.10
Jupiler Stage

Genre Hardcore
Country Australie
Played at GMM 2013 2022

Hardcore heroes Deez Nuts are one of a growing colony of Australian bands we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming in recent years. The band around frontman J.J. Peters feels at home in small clubs as well as in major arenas. They’ve built an excellent live reputation over the years and thanks to their high-octane shows and steaming mosh pits, they are particularly popular in Europe. In 2013 they raided Marquee II here and a lot has happened in the interim. The rap-infused hardcore tracks of the first few albums are now part of a more varied palette with cues taken from thrash, crossover and more on ‘You Got Me Fucked Up’ (2019), their most recent slab to date. Get ready for an adrenaline-fuelled set or as Deez Nuts would say: We’re gonna party like there’s no tomorrow!’. (#GMM24)