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jeudi 20 juin 16.50 - 17.45
North Stage

Genre Heavy Metal
Country Allemagne
Played at GMM 2002 2003 2010 2014 2018

In 1984 the world was introduced to the impressive vocal abilities of Doro Pesch on ‘Burning the Witches’, the debut album of her band Warlock. In fact, Belgium was the first country where Warlock gained a foothold. When she struck out on her own in 1988, the German vocal powerhouse was already held in high esteem by the metal community. Doro survived the grunge wave of the late 80s and following a failed collaboration with Warner she came back stronger than ever after the turn of the millennium with a string of smashing records including ‘Calling the Wild’, ‘Fight’ and the seminal album ‘Warrior Soul’. Doro Pesch is a true trailblazer, a female metal icon who paved the way for those who followed in her footsteps. As one of the most respected female metal vocalists ever, she has built an enviable career that is well into its fifth decade. Ever enthusiastic and indefatigable, she keeps up a punishing album-tour rhythm and never fails to give the audience what they deserve. The title of her latest slab says it all: she is a ‘Conqueress Forever Strong and Proud’. (#GMM24)