vendredi 21 juin

Genre Industrial
Country Allemagne
Played at GMM 2018 2019 2022

In 2018 and 2019 the German industrial rock outfit Eisbrecher took the Graspop festival arena by storm. By then the duo Alexx Wesselsky/Noel Pix (both ex-Megaherz) had built a long track record together. Formed in 2002, their eponymous debut ‘Eisbrecher’ pigeonholed them as an EBM (electronic body music) band due to the generous use of electronica but on later records they switched to a more metal-oriented approach. As a result, the EBM label was replaced with that of an industrial metal band. Born entertainer and vocalist Alexx Wesselsky has a powerful resonating voice that suits Eisbrecher’s intelligent mix of various musical styles, although industrial influences still hold sway. While NDH pioneers Oomph! may have been an inspiration, Eisbrecher are more adventurous when it comes to mixing different styles of music into their work. Their acclaimed album ‘Schock’ (2015) is a good case in point, with catchy sing-along choruses and influences ranging from electronica to gothic, techno and disco. Their most recent production ‘Liebe Macht Monster’ (2021) topped the charts in their home country. (#GMM24)